HEPA Filter – Sahara Heat Cool Pure Electric Heater


  • Product Description

      Replacement HEPA filter for the Sahara Heat Pure Cool electric heater. After a total of 720 hours of operation, the filter replacement alert indicator light will show up indicating that the filter needs to be replaced. 

      To replace your filter: 

      1. Lift out the top cover
      2. Take out the old filter
      3. Install the new filter into the main body of the product
      4. Reinstall the Top Cover.

      Further information is available in the manual

  • Delivery Times


      Product Type 

      Delivery Time 

      Propane Gaslight Cylinders 

      3-5 working days 

      Sahara Products 

      5-7 working days 

      All Other Products 

      3-5 working days 

      Delivery Leadtimes exclude weekends & bank holidays. 

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